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Weekly Poll – Organ Donation

The Scottish Government is to bring forward legislation to provide an opt-out system for organ donation; a change that aims to increase donation rates. This means that people’s consent to donate their organs after death is presumed, unless they have explicitly said otherwise. Do you think the organ donation system should be opt-out? To have your say, please take part in our weekly poll!
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Weekly Poll – Rail Ticket Access

Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll question about road works. 96% of respondents answered yes as road works had affected their ability to get around, 4% of respondets answered no. This week’s poll question is about rail ticket accessibility. The Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland (MACS) is interested to find out if SDEF members have encountered problems buying rail tickets or using concession/companion cards when travelling. The role of MACS is to consider matters about the needs of disabled persons in connection with transport that the committee think are appropriate. MACS also advise Scottish Ministers about
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