Scottish Disability Equality Forum have reviewed each of the main political party manifestos, which have been launched for the General Election on 8 June.

Each party has made pledges to improve the lives of disabled people.

We have taken the opportunity to summarise these pledges. Scottish Disability Equality Forum are non-partisan, therefore we do not support any political party. We hope this neutral stance at reviewing the pledges will go some way to help you decide who you should vote for on 8 June.

You can find a list of the pledges below. This information is also available in alternative formats: Word, PDF, Plain Text, Audio.

Green Party

The Green Party have pledged to: –

  • Works towards better social care and health services to improve care and support services for D/deaf, disabled and older people
  • Review essential disability benefits
  • Scrap Work Capability Assessments
  • Campaign to improve housing choices for D/deaf, disabled and older people by requiring councils to plan for their housing needs
  • Create a Housing Adaptations Fund to help people return home quickly from hospital and to ensure older and disabled persons homes are appropriate to their needs
  • Improve education opportunities for disabled young people
  • Support disabled people to have increased work opportunities, as well as require all UK workplaces to ensure at least 5% of their work goes to disabled people
  • Recognise that some sick and disabled people cannot work and ensure benefits and support systems enable everyone to have a good quality of life
  • Ensure all UN commitments and equality legislation requirements are fully implemented
  • Adjust infrastructure investment plans to ensure accessibility to all UK citizens
  • End the placement of people with complex learning disability or mental health in remote care/NHS treatment units

To view the Green Party Manifesto, please click the following link:

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party have pledged to: –

  • Not bring the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights into UK Law.
  • Remain signatories to the European Convention on Human Rights for the duration of the next parliament.
  • Not repeal or replace the Human Rights Act during Brexit negotiations, but consider UK human rights legal framework once negotiations are complete
  • Extend the national concessionary travel scheme to community transport
  • Confront disability discrimination
  • Campaign to improve support for dementia sufferers under 65
  • Tackle isolation in old age
  • Create a Flexible Skills Fund to help disabled people access apprenticeships
  • Give employers incentives to employ disabled people
  • Tackle the stigma of mental health and introduce mental health champions across public sector, including schools
  • Change health and safety legislation so employers provide appropriate first aid training and needs assessment for mental health
  • Extend Equalities Act protections against discrimination to mental health conditions
  • Work with employers to improve mental health and wellbeing support available to employees
  • Build on the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 to bridge the disability gap
  • Get 1million disabled people into employment over the next 10 years by use of flexible working and the digital economy
  • Provide advice and support to employers on employing disabled people
  • Work with providers of essential services to reduce the extra costs that disability can incur
  • Align Carers Allowance with Jobseekers Allowance
  • Design a disability benefits system that allows the government to support vulnerable people in society
  • Address concerns over loss of accountability and underfunding in health and social care integration
  • Improve the care given to people at the end of life
  • Encourage co-operation across all sectors to ensure people send as little time in hospital as possible
  • Increase the NHS budget by whichever is highest: 2% inflation or Barnett consequentials
  • Set up an Independent Advisory Board, with a focus on creating a sustainable NHS
  • Encourage sports participation and active lifestyles

To view the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Manifesto, please click the following link:

Scottish Labour

Scottish Labour have pledged to: –

  • Retain the Human Rights act
  • Enhance the powers and function of the Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Sign the UNCRPD into UK Law
  • Replace the Repeal Bill with EU Rights and Protections Bill to ensure there is no detrimental change to equality law
  • Give all employees equal rights
  • Ensure a smooth transition for devolved Social Security in Scotland
  • Carers Allowance will be the same level as Jobseekers Allowance
  • End 15 minute care visits and ensure staff have time to care
  • Increase Employment and Support Allowance
  • Repeal cuts in the Universal Credit Limited capability for Work
  • Scrap work capability and PIP assessments
  • End the privatisation of assessments
  • End reassessments for people with long term conditions
  • Commission a report into expansion of Access to Work
  • Legislate to make terminal illness a protected characteristic
  • Work with employers, trades unions and public services to improve awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace and society
  • Reinstate the public sector equality duties and seek to extend them to the private sector
  • Enable discrimination at work to be challenged by enhancing the Equality Act 2010
  • Ensure disability hate crime and violence against women is reported annually
  • Campaign for dementia suffers under 65 to receive free care
  • Give mental health the same priority as physical health
  • All secondary schools would have access to a qualified school counsellor
  • Invest in a modern, integrated and accessible transport system
  • Introduce national standards for accessibility of taxis and private hire vehicles
  • Campaign for sports authorities to improve accessibility of sporting venues

To view the Scottish Labour Manifesto, please click the following link:

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Scottish Liberal Democrats have pledged to: –

  • Defend human rights: oppose any attempts to scrap the Human Rights Act or withdraw from the European Commission on Human Rights; strengthen the UK’s commitment to international human rights law
  • Implement our mental health plan, boosted by the benefit of additional revenues generated though 1p on dividend tax
  • Train and deploy new mental health practitioners and champions throughout the public sector, including schools
  • Create mental health units in the Highland and North east
  • Improve provisions and services for new mothers experiencing mental ill health
  • End the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues
  • Raise awareness and seek expansion of Access to Work
  • Scrap Work Capability Assessments
  • Improve links between Jobcentres, Work Programme providers and NHS to ensure those who receive health related benefits get care and support they need
  • Accelerate the roll out of Individual Placement and Support
  • Work to ensure the success of health and social care integration
  • Campaign to reduce intolerance, including hate crime
  • Review earning capacity of carer’s who receive Carer’s Allowance
  • Increase accessibility to public places and transport
  • Improve legislative framework governing blue badges
  • Set standard for accessible cities
  • Enforce Equality Act 2010 legislation for taxis and private hire vehicles

To view the Scottish Liberal Democrats Manifesto, please click the following link:

Scottish National Party

The Scottish National Party have pledged to: –

  • Oppose any attempts to scrap the Human Rights Act and withdraw the UK from European Commission on Human Rights
  • Oppose cuts to Employment and Support Allowance
  • Call for an end to Work Capability Assessments
  • Urge the UK Government to review Personal Independence Payments
  • Seek the reintroduction of socioeconomic duty contained in the Equality Act 2010
  • Invest in Scotland’s health and social care partnership
  • Implement a ten-year Mental Health strategy
  • Support a full public enquiry into victims of contaminated blood, equal to the Penrose Public Inquiry
  • Take action to address the disability pay gap by ensuring Equal Pay audits include disability
  • Safeguard support for disabled people with the Scottish Independent Living Fund
  • Increase Carer’s Allowance to the level of Jobseekers Allowance
  • Disability benefits will not be means tested
  • No private sector involvement for health assessments
  • Establish a Disability Benefits Assessment Commission and reintroduce long term awards for those with long term conditions
  • Encourage the UK Government to change the rules so War Disablement Pension is exempt from income assessments

To view the Scottish National Party Manifesto, please click the following link: