Our Team

Morven Brooks, Chief Executive Officer

Morven BrooksMorven works with the team to ensure that SDEF is effective in its aims to promote equality and to reduce barriers to Independent Living. Responsible for the strategic development of the organisation, Morven continues to advance the influence and impact of SDEF and its stakeholders.





Emma Scott, Equality Projects Manager

Emma ScottEmma is responsible for managing a broad number of projects/initiatives. Working closely with the CEO to implement the organisations’s strategy to work towards social inclusion for Disabled People in Scotland.



Ian Buchanan, Access Engagement Officer

Ian Buchanan

Ian is our Access Engagement Officer and it is his role to support, develop and promote the Access Panel Network.  Ian has recently joined us from ENABLE Scotland and brings with him a genuine passion and desire to improve access to equality for disabled people in Scotland.




James Davidson, Equality Projects Assistant


James works across the business with publicity, promotion and events. He also develops and sources content for SDEF Hubs. James ensures that information on equality, access and inclusion is, where appropriate, published on the corresponding website.




Maeve Bain, Senior Office Administrator

Maeve BainMaeve is responsible for the administration of our finances, keeping us right on book-keeping and payments, as well as supporting in other areas such as minute-taking and regular Board related duties. Maeve’s voice will usually be the one which greets you when you call us!




Gillian Smith, Access Administrator

Gillian Smith

Gillian is our Access Administrator and provides administrative support to the AEO and to the wider Access Panel network.  She has years of experience working in HR and administrative roles and working closely with community groups and is looking forward to getting to know the Access Panels.  It will usually be Gillian that Access Panels deal with on a day-to-day basis.  Gillian also provides support for events that are run by the Access Team and assists the AEO in the planning of the yearly Access Panel Conference.


Our Directors


Alex Thorburn – Vice Convenor

I have been an office-bearer of Dumfries & Galloway Disability Access Panel since its formation and I have been working both with and for disabled people for over 20 years. I am a member of the SNAP (Scottish National Action Plan) Health and Social Care Action Group and the SNAP Adequate Standard of Living Reference Group.

Jackie Maceira – Treasurer

Hi, I am known as Jackie and am 60 years young.  I am a wheelchair user as I was born with Cerebral Palsy.  Despite this I have led a very full and eventful life.  I have been married to Margaret (who also has a disability as she contracted polio at 10 months).  We have two daughters, Kirsty and Laura and also two granddaughters, Brooke and Nieve (gender balance has never been an issue in our house – I wonder why).

Linda Bamford

My background is mainly in NHS Scotland, initially as a psychiatric and general nurse before moving into Para medicine with the Scottish Ambulance Service. After 13 years as a frontline paramedic in Glasgow I moved into management holding various senior management positions within the ambulance service for over a further 15 years. I was heavily involved in Accident and Emergency ambulance service provision in various areas in Scotland and led on the previous Patient Transport Service Redesign Strategy. I am the recipient of two queens medals. One for “Long Service and Good Conduct” to the NHS and the second for “Dedication to the NHS”.

I recently had to take early medical retirement after several lots of surgery for a spinal cord injury at L3/4/5 and S1. I am now involved in Children’s Hearings Scotland and is also a qualified counsellor. I am the current Chair of Spinal Injuries Scotland, an organisation I  got involved with after my spinal cord injury and rehabilitation. I am also the National Convener for Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland.

Linda brings to the role experience and qualifications in Operational Management and Service Delivery, Corporate Governance, Strategy Planning and Development, Risk Management, Change Management, Team Building and Leadership and Organisational Planning utilising project methodologies.

Sam Hunter

I am currently the Service User Representative for Guide Dogs Glasgow Mobility Team, supporting guide dog owners and service users in the West of Scotland. I have held this voluntary post in all its’ various guises for the last 25 years, at both Local and National levels, during which time I have gained a great deal of invaluable experience and skills and still retain my passion and commitment in supporting Guide Dogs key messages and representing the views and interests of its’ Clients/ Service Users.  I joined North Lanarkshire Access Panel in 2012, becoming Interim Chair in June of this year, gaining valuable experience with the Access Panel and also the training provided by SDEF.   I am also currently a Trustee of SITE, a “DPULO” charity based in Glasgow, providing support in IT and Awareness training for the visually impaired, their supporters and employers. Although as a visually impaired guide dog owner, my primary concerns are for that of the visually impaired, I am very much open to the bigger picture of Access for All, whether it be services, communications or technology.

Peter McDade

I have worked in Public Service most of my life. This included Health Board, Strathclyde region, Local Authority and the Civil Service. I worked within an Adult Training Centre for people with Learning Disabilities for 10 years and also a centre for people with Physical Disabilities. Since early retirement, due to disability, I studied for a BSc in Computer Networking and also Microsoft Subjects (MCP).
I have been involved in voluntary organisations including DMUK, Access Panel, SDEF, Public Partnership Forum, Health Board for users and carers and the Human Rights Consortium. I am very passionate about Equality and Independent Living. No matter who people are, we are all entitles to the same lifestyle.

Pat McGuigan

Hi my name is Patrick McGuigan, I am 62 years old, I have sight problems, walk with crutches and was also a wheelchair user.  As I was born with Cerebral Palsy I have been involved with many organisations over the years: Strathclyde Forum on Disability, Castlemilk Forum on Disability, RNIB, NFB, SDEF, SATA and SRAF.

Dorothy McKinney

Dorothy grew up in Northern Ireland during the years described as the ‘Troubles’ and believes her intense commitment and passion for equity and fairness grew from these experiences.

Dorothy has over 35 years’ experience in Human Resource’s, is a trained and experienced Mediator, she has Fellowship of the CIPD and a passion for ‘Doing the Right Thing’.   Dorothy is an Associate of a number of companies throughout the UK and is the Board Chair and Director of Edinburgh Gang Show Productions Ltd.

Dorothy’s experience stretches across public, private and third sectors and she now runs her own business focusing on supporting Boards and staff groups to build good relationships, reduce and resolve conflict and have a strong business focus. Dorothy also has a strong commitment to volunteering with young people over many years and this plays an important part in her life.

Dorothy is also a Registered Mediator with the Scottish Mediation Network and undertakes pro bono support for Peer Mediators in local schools.

Dorothy has a strong focus on supporting everyone to live the life they wish to live and not the one other people, systems or processes believe they should.

Gordan Mungall

As a disabled person have had and continue to experience discrimination that impacts on my life and that of my family. Having seen some of the barriers, the problems first hand, I work to be part of the solution. 

I am the Chairperson of Disability West Lothian and the West Lothian Access Committee. My role has been to bring together individuals and representatives of West Lothian Council so that there is a commitment to tackling the local equality issues, our goal to improve the quality of life of disabled people in West Lothian. As a Trustee and Board Member of Drake Music Scotland I worked with other Directors to meet the aims and objectives to create music making opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages using innovative music technologies.As a youth worker I work with young people age 14 to 25 through social and education activities by helping to inspiring them thought promoting equality, diversity and opportunity.